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Energy Surveys and Audits

Solenvis have a wide variety of equipment to perform energy surveys to identify performance improvements for energy and cost efficiency.

Our surveys are backed up by a complete service and support team, who are equipped and ready to help you bring about savings and results in the easiest and most affordable way.  And in the quickest possible time.

Our experienced engineers are available when you need them. You select the time and date and we will be happy to meet you and your colleagues for an on-site demonstration.

Energy Audits for Cost Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is a key concern across many sectors. Monitoring energy usage, reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency are of prime importance to avoid environmental taxes, control costs and meet regulatory demands.

This is especially true for energy intrusive industries such as Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Processing industries.

Solenvis offer energy surveys of single sites, manufacturing processes, utility systems and equipment to:

  • Confirm and verify flow rates of existing volume and mass flow meters at your energy specific application.
  • Offer energy measurement to help you evaluate the performance of your plant and processes.
  • Provide in-depth data supplied from our portable flow meters and diagnostic software.

Our engineers visit sites to collect valuable measurement data that help you:

  • Monitor efficiency
  • Compare energy produced and energy used
  • Permanently monitor energy flows
  • Monitor performance of pumps
  • Analyse consumption and detect leaks

Our surveys examine:

  • Energy conversion and control: where energy is converted from one form to another, e.g. lighting, heating, air conditioning, boilers, furnaces, refrigeration units, compressors, etc.
  • Energy distribution: where energy is distributed, e.g. electricity, gas, steam, air, water, hot oil systems.
  • Energy end use: where energy is used in plant, equipment and buildings.
  • Management systems: how information is obtained, analysed, and used.

To enquire about an energy survey for single or multi-site organisations in the commercial or manufacturing sectors call Solenvis on 01628 636881.

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