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Flow Meter Calibration

Solenvis offer flow meter calibration services to ensure ongoing accurate measurement of flow rates and signal outputs.

Our service ensures your continued ability to accurately measure the flow rate of fluids and gas to ensure vital resource is available at the rate needed for critical applications.

Degraded flow meter performance brought about by general wear and tear, corrosion or dirt, damage or improper installation can impact efficiency and outputs reliant on their accuracy.

Through regular calibration your flow meter will continue providing meaningful output referenced accurately against standard units of measurement.

Our flow meter calibration service

Our flow meter calibration service maintains the optimum accuracy of your flow meter. Carried out by qualified technicians our on-site calibration service includes:

1. Referencing outputs against recognised standards

Our service engineers ensure the unit under test (UUT) is referenced to recognised standards to allow for traceability and meaningful comparison and measurement.

2. Calibration is conducted under actual performance conditions

We match calibration with the flow meter’s application making sure it’s performed under conditions typical of the meter’s actual operation with regard to viscosity, density or heat content of the liquid being measured.

3. Ensuring a steady rate of flow between the UUT and calibration standard

Comparison of flow against standard is made in real-time so a steady state of flow with no variations over time is essential during calibration.

4. Media measured by the calibration standard is also measured by the UUT at the same time.

Our engineers check to ensure there are no leaks or significant temperature changes in intermediary volumes that might affect accuracy of the measures.

To enquire about or book a flow meter calibration service contact Solenvis on 01628 636881.

Annual Maintenance and Servicing

Keep your flow meters calibration up to date and performance uninterrupted with our annual maintenance programs designed around your specific requirements.

Covering the whole of the UK, our comprehensive flow calibration and meter maintenance service is carried out by fully qualified technicians.

Equipped with the latest technology and armed with knowledge gained through years of experience, they carry out repairs and maintenance to the very highest standards.

As a client you can have confidence we will:

  • Deliver fast response times.
  • Provide an audit trail required by the like of the Environment Agency and OFWAT.
  • Work swiftly and efficiently to minimise downtime.
  • Ensure everything is working satisfactorily before leaving site.
  • Offer competitive prices without sacrificing our high quality standards.

With Solenvis you are assured of the best flow meter maintenance service in the market. Call for more information about our flow meter maintenance and servicing packages 01628 636881.

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