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Solenvis SL300 SIPe Monitoring System for Energy

Solenvis SL300 SIPe Monitoring System for Energy

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Product Description

Solenvis SL300 SIPe Monitoring System for Energy, Targeting & Display

The SIPe system connects all of your meters and provides you with live data about your energy consumption and allows you to target different parts of your network for improvement.

  • Easy to use with web based configuration - building managers and clients are able to view data through a web browser
  • Simplifies interfacing and monitoring – easy to set up views, parameters seen and groups
  • Reduces engineering time and cost – shows issues as they arise
  • Reliable proven platform
  • Integrates with a wide range of technologies and protocols
  • Enables you to use a wide range of engineering competency – front end software allows users to see all parameters or all meters
  • Interfaces with different meter protocols (MBUS, MODBUS, pulse etc) which allow connection to many meter types – heat, flow, water, steam and gas
  • Interfaces with BMS systems for data export – for example Trend
  • Email services to export information to other users


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