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Intelligent Building Management Systems

From maintaining a comfortable temperature in an office, to ensuring a reliable energy supply to critical electronic medical equipment in an hospital, today’s built environment is called upon to support a wide range of users and purposes.

The challenge for many is how to get the numerous complex technologies used in our buildings to communicate and work together to create a co-ordinated and energy efficient building.

To help meet this challenge, Solenvis offers a range of innovative communication interfaces that allow you to understand, improve and optimise how your building performs.

Using the Synpasys Solutions’ systems, we create intelligent Building Management Systems (BMS) that help building technologies with different controls to communicate with one another, and present key information in an easy to understand format suitable for a broad range of building users.

With smart display technologies, you can monitor and control energy usage at a glance, reduce time pressure on facilities personnel, improve building performance and meet carbon reduction targets.

Real time monitoring to help you understand and control your energy usage

The SIPe is a web-based energy and monitoring, targeting and display solution that provides you with live data on energy consumption within a meter network.  Providing you with valuable real-time reporting to inform your decisions on which areas of your network need targeting for energy improvement.

You can schedle energy reports and energy exceptions via web pages and automatically email these to colleagues.  Whilst information on energy usage displayed in public areas such as the building reception, help foster energy awareness and promote behavioural change.

SIPe features:

  • full integration with your current building management system
  • simple to use with web based configuration
  • real time reporting provides instant energy usage data
  • integrates with energy management software, billing software and performance monitoring platforms
  • cost effective monitoring and targeting solution with no sofware licences, unlimited users and no mainteance fees
  • direct monitoring of energy and utilities
  • easy to set up data downloads and scheduled reporting

SIPe is particularly suited to the following sectors:

Corporate, Data Centre, Education, Healthcare, Hotels, Industrial, Offices, Retail, Social Housing, Sports and Leisure

Simple, flexible tenant billing

SIPbilling is an easy to implement, simple to use, low cost billing platform for landlords that pulls information from meters to log energy and utility consumption.

  • landlords are given peace of mind that billing is accurate and sufficient to cover charges for energy usage
  • tenants can take control of their energy costs, providing incentive to reduce usage and save money

The cloud based SIPbilling portal provides you with an intuitive interface where you can easily add or alter monitoring points on the system.  Whilst it  also presents tenant bills in an easy to read graph format.

In addition, this smart system learns a tenants typical weekly usage, allowing you to fill gaps in billing data with accurate estimates should a meter go offline.

Alarm levels can also be set to highlight when energy usage deviates from normal consumption, to help flag up problems such as a water leak.

SIPbilling features:

  • cost effective cloud based tenant billing solution
  • easy to implement and set up
  • automated billing direct to tenants
  • landlord access to view, administer and adjust the system
  • tentant access to view bills and compare consumption data
  • no specialist engineering or software tools required
  • no ongoing subscription or software fees

SIPbilling is particularly suited to the following sectors:

Commercial Tenanted Properties, Education (student accommodation), Industrial, Offices, Retail, Social Housing Providers

As a member of the SIPpro network of expert partners, Solenvis is approved to commission and install Synapsys intelligent building solutions.

For more information about how we can help please contact Solenvis on 01628 636881.

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