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On-site flow meter demonstration

Solenvis offer on-site demonstrations of non-invasive, clamp-on portable flow meters so you can see the benefits for yourself.

We show you:

  • How they can be installed and operational on live pipes without the need to shut down essential/critical systems.
  • How quick and easy they are to install, use and then move to a different system as needed.
  • How they minimise downtime and loss of capacity/output.
  • How they improve the management, safety and efficiency of your energy systems
  • The many different flow measurement applications they are suitable for.

We make choosing a flow meter easy by bringing it to you to try on site.

  • You get to see how it performs on your system
  • You understand how it works on your pipework
  • We make sure you can set it up and operate it correctly
  • We show you how easy it is to measure different pipe flows in different locations
  • Our one-to-one demonstrations are tailored to your level of knowledge and expertise
  • Once set up, we’ll even leave the product on site for you to try before you buy.

To request your on-site demonstration please call Solenvis on 01628 636881.

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