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Flow Meter Verification and Certification

When it comes to flow meters, accuracy matters. Poorly installed and calibrated flow meters take incorrect measurements that can end up costing significant amounts of money.

This is particularly the case for landlords who rely on accurate metering to safeguard against the problems associated with over or under billing tenants.

To protect our customers against issues caused by poorly installed or performing flow meters we offer a number of quality checks and verifications.

This documented evidence provides you with the confidence that your flow metering equipment is operating and recording data as it should, should any queries arise.

1. Commissioning Certificate

All flow meters installed by Solvenis come with an official commissioning certificate which confirms:

  • the settings entered into the meter
  • that the flow meter was not damaged and in good working order when installed
  • that the flow meter has been tested and is working correctly
  • that the flow rate is correct and cross-checked against another correctly set up flow meter

2. Annual Maintenance Certificate

We offer an annual maintenance review of each flow meter so that correct calibration and accurate measurement is maintained.

Our Annual Maintenance Certificate acts as proof that you have taken adequate steps to ensure your meters have been checked, verified and are working correctly should any dispute arise.

3. Maintenance Verification Certificate

Solenvis offers an objective check of flow metering equipment previously installed by a third party.

During verification, we ensure that the meter(s) is installed properly and working as it should be. We do this by checking it against a clamp on flow meter we know to be in good working order and calibrated correctly.

4. Recalibration Certificate

Over time general wear and tear, corrosion, dirt, damage or improper installation can degrade flow meter performance and affect their accuracy.

Our recalibration service ensures your flow meter continues providing meaningful outputs. During calibration we reference readings against standard units of measurement whilst the meter is performing under normal conditions.

To enquire about our flow meter certification services please call us on 01628 636881 or email

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