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Solenvis SL167 Siemens Sitrans FUE950 energy calculator

Solenvis SL167 Siemens Sitrans FUE950 energy calculator

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Product Description

  • A versatile thermal energy calculator
  • Developed for use with the Solenvis SL166 Siemens Sitrans FUE380 magmeter or the Solenvis SL133 Siemens Mag 5000/6000 the Solenvis SL3 Clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Powerful heat calculator for solar, heating and cooling applications
  • Easy to use integrator for use with any flowmeter
  • Very good long term stability with flexible outputs and communication buses -MBUS / LON / N2Open / Modbus RTU
  • Dedicated for billing applications, EN 1434 and has the MID and PTB K7.2 approval for energy metering with the media water
  • Measured temperature range -20 … +190 °C (-4 … +374 °F)
  • Instantaneous values for energy/volume flow
  • Battery or mains powered, Battery version with battery lifetime of typical 16 years
  • Individual tariff functions
  • Advanced functions for cooling/heating applications or the combination
  • Memory for 24 periods (months, weeks, days)
  • Data logger function
  • Expandable functionality with 2 optional plug and play add-on modules
  • Communication over M-Bus, RS485 or RS232
  • Plug-in module with 2 extra pulse inputs
  • Plug-in module with 2 pulse outputs
  • Plug-in module with combination of input and output pulses
  • Plug-in module for M-Bus communication
  • Plug-in module for RS232 or RS485 communication
  • Plug-in module with 2 passive current outputs (4 ... 20 mA)


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