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Solenvis SL173 Itron Isoflo dual water meter

Solenvis SL173 Itron Isoflo dual water meter

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Isoflo combines the performances of two complementary meters and benefits from the advantages of best in class Itron water meters.

Increased turndown is achieved by a high capacity Woltex main meter combined to a high sensitivity Class C secondary meter.  A change-over spring valve diverts flow to the appropriate meter according to flow rates.

Isoflo is dedicated to specific billing applications where very high flow rates come along with consumption at very low flows.

Key features

  • Isoflo benefits from all the advantages of Itron meters.
  • Both primary and secondary meters have a robust copper can register and are pre-equipped for communication via Cyble systems (pulses, M-Bus and Radio Frequencies).
  • Easy reading is insured even in toughest conditions.
  • Available in sizes ranging from DN 50 to 150
  • Design meets ISO 7858/1 requirements.
  • Standard Cyble pre-equipment provides remote reading capability on both primary and secondary meters.
  • Extra wide measuring capacity

Key Advantages of Cyble Technology

  • No need for additional investment on the meter to implement remote reading
  • Itron standardized meter interface, irrespective of meter technology and widely spread on Itron water meters range
  • Reliability brought by electronic switch (no wear or bouncing)
  • Reverse flow management
  • Principle proven on the field with a 20 years’ experience
  • Pre-equipment being immune to magnetic tampering


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