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Solenvis SL191 Elster A100 electric meter

Solenvis SL191 Elster A100 electric meter

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Product Description

The Elster range of A100C meters provide a cost effective solution for domestic and light industrial / commercial applications, they are especially suited to tenanted and rental properties where security is an issue, they offer a range of benefits:

  • The A100C can be a simple import meter or for import/export, domestic or small scale generation sites. The meter offers one or two rate operation
  • Security - The meter is housed in an extremely compact case. To enhance security, the main meter cover is permanently secured to the base during the manufacturing process. The meter offers high security and detects many of the most commonly used tamper techniques
  • The security data can be included as part of the display sequence and read via the optical communications port
  • The A100C has the option of IrDA or optical IEC 62056-21 communications. Both methods of communication allow the meter registers and security data to be read electronically from a laptop or hand-held device, greatly reducing the possibility of manual meter reading errors
  • The A102C measures reactive energy in addition to active energy and is ideally suited for utilities who wish to bill or monitor energy consumption based on kvarh measurement. The A103C meter offers additional instrumentation values and maximum demand
  • Meters are approved to EN 62053-21, have an ingress protection of IP53 to IEC 60529 and comply with EMC standard EN 50081-1, additional compliance with EN50470 - 3 (MID), Class A or Claport/export
  • 20 years certified life • Large digit (9.8mm) multilingual display with chevron information indication
  • 12kV impulse withstand • High security, compact design


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