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Solenvis SL260 Woltmann Bulk Flow Meter

SL260 Elster H4300 Woltmann Bulk Flow Meter

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Product Description

  • Flanges drilled to BS4504 NP16..  Others are optional
  • Hermetically vacuum-sealed dry dial register
  • Four possible register positions (90º spacing) without breaking calibration seal
  • Provision for retro-fitting of two pulse output units
  • Vanes parallel to pipe axis to give better flow characteristics. Measurement mechanism is removable in-situ
  • Two measurement mechanisms to cover all sizes
  • May be mounted in any position
  •  Maximum working pressure of 16 bar

The H4300 is a Woltmann-type horizontal vane hot water meter particularly suited to the high and sustained flows of bulk metering to a maximum temperature of 130ºC. A magnetic drive between the measuring element and counter reduces the number of working parts in contact with water and the corrosion and heat-resistant components guarantee excellent measuring properties, reliability and a long service life.
The range is designed to incorporate sensor units for remote reading.


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