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Solenvis SL31 Dynameters Ultrasonic water meter

SL31 Dynameters Ultrasonic water meter
SL31 Dynameters Ultrasonic water meter1
SL31 Dynameters Ultrasonic water meter
SL31 Dynameters Ultrasonic water meter1

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The SL31 is a battery-powered transit-time flow meter utilizing advanced digital processing technology. It conforms to the EN1434 Standard. The meters contain no moving parts and don’t need any external power, with advantages of ultra-low power consumption, high accuracy and reliability. The meters are designed for easy installation. The customer does not need to set any parameters in the field. The meters have the same length as industrial mechanical water meters and can be used just as conveniently as mechanical water meters.


  • Integral transmitter suitable for harsh environments.
  • Low maintenance no moving parts or flow obstructions translates into long-term stability.
  • Very low minimum measurable flow velocity (0.003m/s).
  • Self-adjusting transducer receiving circuit continually adapts for changing pipe parameters such as scaling or corrosion.
  • Fast response to flow transients, tracks flow rate changes better than electromagnetic meters.
  • Available with optional infrared meter reading function (AMR).
  • DC or Battery powered operates for over 6 years*.
  • Unique housing design, rated to IP68.
  • Flange /body formed as one integrated piece reduces possibility of leakage.
  • On-board self-diagnostic function and fault indicator.


  • High measurement precision.
  • Long-term stability & accuracy over a wide range of conditions.
  • High reliability and minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Maintenance-free meter where no external power sources are available.
  • Communications port permits transfer of data from remote stations to central HMI.


  • Process control and instrumentation.
  • Replacing high maintenance mechanical flow meters.
  • Measure flow rate and total flow in water networks.
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