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Solenvis SL71 Dynameters Ultrasonic Level Meter


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The Series DynaProbe Level Meter uses sound waves to measure liquid or solid level. Fast, accurate measurements are possible in the field or anywhere without the use of down-hole water level meters. The Ultrasonic Level Meters are lightweight, compact, versatile, and easy to operate. As long as the obstructions take up no more than half of the bore area the meter will not suffer any loss of accuracy.


  • Integrated design, installed conveniently, two wire transmitter standard, guarantee that the powerful sound wave is launched, that measurement is steady and reliable.
  • Protected in the excessive voltage and current , protected in the thunder and lightning.
  • The large LCD display ensures that the readings may be clearly seen and the system is easy to debug.
  • Intelligent signal treatment technology, guarantees that the instrument is able to work in most applications.
  • All plastic outer cover ( IP67 ), airproof and alkali-resistant, suitable for adverse environments.
  • Flexible support or flange brackets ensure a straight forward and easy installation.
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