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Solenvis SL89 MBUS reading software


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  • The software is designed to make meter reading simple for the client.
  • With our easy to manage software, alternative reading intervals can be configured for different meters.
  • The software is not tied to any one manufacturer, the current range of meters supported is extensive and being added to on a regular basis.
  • The software allows the client to arrange their meters in sites and MBUS loops. The meters can then be automatically read at pre-determined intervals to suit the clients requirements. The readings are stored in an access database and can either be accessed directly or exported as a *.csv file.
  • The software supports up to 8 serial ports and remote network ports are supported. It can support modems or direct links to level converters.
  • There is no limit to the number of meters or number of sites that can be supported. The software can also be configured to read specific registers from the meters.
  • In summary, meter readings can be imported into spread sheets or other energy management software.
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