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Solenvis SL90 MBUS Repeater


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A signal processor controlled M-Bus Booster for network extension.

  • Bus extension for max. 250 meters
  • Extension of possible cable length
  • M-Bus Input and M-Bus Output
  • M-Bus is fully transparent
  • Galvanic isolation between M-Bus input and output
  • All functions are controlled by a signal processor
  • Transmission rates: 300 .to. 38400 Baud
  • Bit recovery (reproducing bit times)
  • Full bus extension according to M-Bus specification
  • Automatic measurement of maximum possible baud rate
  • Echo suppression
  • Switching off the bus upon short-circuit and overcurrent with automatic restart at the end of overcurrent
  • Device protection against transient overvoltages on the M-Bus1
  • Self protection against peak voltages (indirect lightning protection) on the M-Bus 1
  • Self protection against strong electromagnetic fields1
  • Collision detect with break signalling
  • LED´s for data transmission, maximum bus current and overcurrent / short-circuit
  • Power supplied by an external 42VDC plug-in power supply unit or wall-mounted power supply
  • The device is CE checked and has the CE mark
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