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Solenvis SL94 Wireless Gateway


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  • The SenzaBlock SB110-IO family connects digital sensors, meters, and actuators without the expense and hassle of cabling. Its integrated low power IEEE 802.15.4 transceiver provides long battery life and seamless wireless connectivity in hard to reach areas, when portability is essential, or in locations where running cables is inconvenient or not cost-effective.
  • Enabled by our industrial-grade SenzaNET mesh networking protocol, the SB110-AI family provides highly reliable performance even in harsh environments to ensure delivery of critical measurements and commands.
  • In addition to two integrated pulse/digital input and digital output channels, the SB110-IO features an internal DS75 temperature sensor. When activated, the SB110-IO adapter will automatically sample, log and transmit sensor readings in user configurable intervals. The end-to-end latency of wireless transmissions is low and predictable, due to time synchronization of all nodes and employment of a TDMA scheme.
  • Furthermore, the adapter itself can be wirelessly controlled and re-configured.
  • SB110-IO nodes are available with a choice of enclosure ratings, antenna types and operating temperature ranges to suit most applications. In addition to its packaged products, E-Senza also offers a functionally equivalent OEM module for integration in custom designs.
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