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Solenvis SL83 ABB Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Solenvis SL83 ABB Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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The AquaProbe is designed for installation in existing pipelines by means of a small valved tapping. It is normally installed with the sensing head on the pipe centre line, but may be located at the critical position (the mean velocity position) a distance of 1/8 of the diameter away from the wall.

It provides an accurate local measurement of the water velocity and, provided the flow profile is fully developed, a good flow volume measurement.  If the profile is not fully developed a traverse of the pipe can be carried out which will enable an accurate flow volume measurement to be obtained in non-ideal networks.

The AquaProbe is supplied as standard with the MagMaster transmitter which, being a high precision device, gives excellent performance, whether in temporary or permanent installations, in profiling or pipelines. It offers a wide range of options on terms of output, diagnostics, communications and user facilities.

  • Fully submersible, rugged and robust sensor - reliable, maintenance-free operation in arduous environments
  • ’Hot tap’ capability - enables installation with no interruption to normal water supply
  • Good accuracy over wide operating flow range in both forward and reverse flow directions - enables user to accurately measure peak daytime flows and minimal night flows
  • Price virtually independent of pipe diameter - low cost alternative to full bore meters
  • Suitable for permanent or temporary installation - total user flexibility
  • No moving components and hence no bearing wear problems - stable calibration and reliable operation
  • Choice of transmitter
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