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Solenvis continue to support CBRE & Jaguar Services

CBRE/Jaguar Services and Solenvis have been working together now for 5 years at City Point and we have been involved in the gradual metering upgrades throughout the building which at 40 storeys is quite a task. To date we have supplied/installed and are maintaining over 100 clamp-on meters and 90 electricity meters.

A wide variety of applications are now being monitored throughout this prestigious building in the finance district in London. Solenvis have supplied and fitted an array of meters to enable the landlord of the building to accurately record utility usage across a large plant with multiple tenants, ensuring that the most suitable choice of meter is chosen for the given application.

In addition to the supply and fitting of heat, water and electricity meters Solenvis have installed an SL300 SIP Monitoring system which connects to all meters and allows parameters to be read remotely through a web browser. In this way the Building Technical Manager is able to review information to assist with tenant billing, plant shutdown and repair, energy efficiency measures and general building management in a system completely independent of the BMS. Information is also emailed automatically to Power Efficiency who present the information through an eSight system to Tenants.

The site facilities management team are also able to view the system and will be able to zero in on a particular meter or group of meters of interest. The system allows a Trend front end view of all meters allowing for viewing particular parameters and alarm setting to ensure that any plant faults are quickly identified and remedied.

The SL3 fixed non-invasive flowmeters are employed as flowmeters and heatmeters across the site, due to their ease of installation in the main plantroom areas and especially during fit out and changes on tenant floors.

The SL119 Carlo Gavazzi EM21 and SL248 EM26 meters were also chosen for electrical monitoring due to their compact size, versatility and ease of installation with CT connection.

Gas and water usage on the site also feed into the monitoring system and so daily trends may be seen, highlighting any issues immediately.

Solenvis also managed all aspects of the installation, commissioning and recalibration in conjunction with the site facilities team and tenants. We also have a yearly site maintenance plan in place to maintain correct readings and a good flow of data to the correct parties.

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