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Solenvis supply Johnson Controls with over 150 meters

We have been working together with Johnson Controls over the past two years and are actively involved in the supply of over 150 heat meters inline and clamp-on for three large projects in the city.

Solenvis were chosen to supply a large quantity of invasive heatmeters for a new build in the City of London. Solenvis were able to match requirements to suitable SL65 Kamstrup Heatmeters and SL113 Siemens Flowmeters ensuring communications with the site monitoring systems, at the right price and to a tight delivery schedule.

Another application saw the use of the Solenvis SL3 clamp on flowmeters employed in chiller control rather than by conventional inline flowmeters. An accurate and versatile device, operating in both flow directions, the SL3 allowed the chilled water systems to operate without interruption while feeding data back to the Johnson Controls system for efficient control so that chillers could be brought online as demand required.

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