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Solenvis SL85 Portable level meter

Solenvis SL85 Portable level meter

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The Solenvis SL85 Portable Level Meter is a dedicated liquid level indicator for fire extinguisher systems. It is the cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for checking the liquid contents of single and multi-banked cylinder installations.

It will also find the level of liquids in any single skinned metal vessel of up to1" (2.5cm) wall thickness.

Finding a liquid level with the Solenvis SL85 Portable Level Meter is simple. The sensor applicator is placed onto a cylinder above the expected level of the liquid and calibrated. Then a series of readings are taken on the cylinder to identify the level of the liquid.

With experience, operators can detect interfaces between different types of liquids. The Solenvis SL85 Portable Level Meter is a small compact hand held instrument of rugged design with simple to operate push button controls. The liquid level is indicated by two separate displays, a red light LED display and a LCD digital readout.

The unit is supplied with a standard dry sensor incorporating a magnetic applicator to ensure correct positioning on all types of cylinders. A wet sensor and gel for poor condition cylinders is also available. An optional extension rod allows for monitoring the second and third rows of multibank cylinder installations where access is limited.

The Solenvis SL85 Portable Level Meter is automatically calibrated to the cylinder under test at the touch of a button.

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